Potato VS Sweet Potato - Which is better for your Dog?

We are often asked, why are Mak's Patch Treats are made with Sweet Potato and not just say Potato?

The reason is that sweet potatoes are not only great for your dogs digestive system because of their high dietary fibre content but they are also low in fat and contain many essential vitamins such as B6, C and A .

But what does it mean for my dog to be getting these vitamins?


Mak's Patch Peanut Butter Bone

Vitamin C is an important Antioxidant.  It helps reduce inflammation and cognitive ageing.Vitamin B6 is vital for any Dog, this is responsible for Glucose Generation, Red Blood Cell and Nervous System Function, Hormone Regulation, Immune Response, Niacin Synthesis and Gene Activation....Basically this is very important for any Dog!

Vitamin A is found not only in Sweet Potato but also in Carrot, it is responsible for good vision, growth, fetal development, immune function and cell function.

So what's wrong with using Potatoes?

There's nothing wrong with using potato, they do contain some dietry fibre, they do also contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Potassium but nowhere near as much as Sweet Potato and the benefits Sweet Potato Provides. 

Potatoes are also made up of Starch, when when broken down turns into sugars, which means your dog gains weight, in addition if you have a diabetic dog these sorts of foods should be avoided.

So Which is Better?

The choice is yours! but for all round better health for your dog and even for you the health benefits of Sweet Potato massively outweighs those of Potato, which as why Mak's Patch Veggie Dog Treats are made up of over 70% Sweet Potato & Peas.