Benefits of Figure of 8 Training Leads

Benefits of Figure of 8 Training Leads

There are many benefits to having a figure of 8 dog lead, these anti-pull leads make an ideal training accessory.

Here at Miro & Makauri we understand dogs and their owners, we know some of the struggles people can experience when walking their dog and that’s why we have the figure 8 dog lead.

Now we all understand the excitement a dog must feel before they go on a walk…The smells, the noises and sights to behold are sometimes too much to handle, so therefore dogs like to drag us across the field and make us really tug and pull on the lead to hold them back.

When training your dog walking manners, some leashes will not do the trick and will in fact hinder your progress, take retractable leashes for example…

Problems with retractable leads

These leads can be a nightmare for dogs, they are questioning things all the time from How far can I go? Oh I go and I can keep on going?

You’re rewarding your dog every time it pulls by stepping towards the same direction as them and giving them even more leeway to go in the direction they want. This pulling behaviour will then be mimicked when on a normal non-retractable lead, as they have had positive reinforcement from pulling with a retractable lead.

 Not only that but the small leash can present a number of dangers to you and your dog – with people getting burns to amputations due to the material. Furthermore, with enough wear and tear these leads can easily snap, ensuring a free dog bound to runaway at the excitement or fear of being unleashed.  

One of the Best figure 8 slip leads

Not only do figure eight leads work, but Miro & Makauri Figure of 8 leads are even better! Don’t just take our word for it…

The leads arrived today and I am so happy! I have had so many different figure eight leads for my Weimaraner in the past and, although they’ve all done the job, I’ve never been completely happy with the way they feel. I took Noah out this afternoon on his new Miro & Makauri figure eight lead and was so impressed! It’s just the right length, texture, thickness. And! The rubber handle is brilliant!!! Thanks so much Marianna & Noah XXX

We’re proud of our figure of 8 slip leads, the metal adjuster stops the sudden choking action of a typical slip lead. At the point where you have placed the metal adjuster, this is the correct setting for your dog's neck size, and it's the point where the choking action will be halted, giving you a slip lead that works without tightening around your dog’s neck.

Then comes the Figure 8 Training Mode. Simply Thread the lead through the Figure 8 adjuster, pinching and pulling the small loop through the metal guide, this then slips around the neck and snout, the metal buckle should then sit neatly underneath the dog’s jaw. The figure of 8 lead works by a simple pressure & release system, which humanely stops your dog from pulling, leaving a calm and stress-free walk for both you and your dog.

You can find this one of a kind slip lead/figure of 8 lead under Training Aids.

All-Natural Chews & Treats Featured at Crufts

All-Natural Chews & Treats Featured at Crufts

Miro and Makauri are a wholesale pet supply company that offers a range of pet accessories and all-natural dog chews and treats. We sell our wide range of high-quality products to small independent shops and pet-based businesses across the country.

Our products are designed with classic and modern tastes in mind, ensuring every owner can find something that suits their dog. Not only do we feature dog accessories, we also focus on vegetarian and vegan dog snacks that are a great alternative to tasteless rawhide chews.

That’s why we were really chuffed to be part of the Crufts review Top 50 in Business and Industry Today!

They could see our enthusiasm for our snacks and clearly were just as excited as us about the launch of the treats:

At Miro & Makauri, their ethos is centred on innovation, design & the functionality of dog accessories.

They have been supplying trade since 2009 and in 2019 was their first showing at Crufts. This year they introduced their brand new range of Veggie Dog Snacks and by did they go down a storm!

As part of their “Healthy without Compromise” Range, these veggie dog snacks are filling the gap where dogs can snack without meat. This snack range are founded on healthy eating, using natural ingredients with health boosting benefits.
The company are on a mission to provide an eco-friendly sustainable and ethical substitute to meat. The flavours will surprise you, with exciting new flavours due out this Autumn.

The range is proving to be a pet shops most popular snack.

Don’t worry we will be attending Crufts again next year with some of our new upcoming stock to keep those hungry hounds full of energy for the big event!

Best Dental Chews For Dogs

Here at Miro and Makauri we have an array of delicious dog treats and chews that are great for training, boredom breaking and of course, dental care.

Taking care of your dogs teeth is something that everyone must do whether you brush their teeth regularly or use an alternative method for keeping those gnashers clean, according to the PDSA PAW Report in 2018, over 63% of dog owners feed their beloved friends a dental chew. That’s a lot of shiny teeth, however with growing interest in what we’re feeding our dogs it can be hard to find a dog dental chew that’s equally good for their stomachs as it is their teeth.

We’ve decided to show you three of our best dental chews for dogs in this helpful little blog and tell you why they’re so great for your favourite fidos!

Peanut Butter Crocodiles

Peanut Butter Crocodile Snack

Dog dental chews don’t come better than our Peanut Butter flavoured Crocodiles. These snappy snacks are a genius chew that have ridges and nubs to get in-between your dog’s teeth and massage the gumline to increase blood flow, keeping their mouth healthy and teeth strong. Not only that, they’re made of 100% peanuts, nothing else. You won’t find xylitol or palm oil in these crocs! Making them a delicious and thorough dental chew for dogs to enjoy.

Vegetarian Star Sticks

Vegetarian Star Sticks

The Vegetarian Star Dental Sticks for dogs, just keep going! Star shaped chews have been around for a while, like they say if something’s good – why fix it! Our star sticks are a bit different compared to other star shaped dog dental sticks. Miro & Makauri’s Star Sticks are grain-free and low in fat, packed with fibre – so we recommend you don’t go mad and over feed your pooch.

All-Natural Vegetable Antlers

All-Natural Vegetable Antlers

Dental dog chews can be full of sugar and all sorts of preservatives, that’s why we offer the vegetable antlers range. This low sugar, fat, gluten-free chew is a superb alternative – with a variety of flavours to choose from, teeth cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. From Natural smoked flavour or Mint, Parsley, Kelp or even peanut butter, we’ve got your furry friend covered.

For more advice on your dog’s dental health we recommend you see your vet. We have lots of other suitable dog chews that are also good at keeping your pup occupied and are made of all-natural ingredients.

New Vegetarian Dog Treats and Snacks

New Vegetarian Dog Treats and Snacks

We’re very excited to launch new vegetarian dog treats to our already unmissable snack selection. If you’re looking for healthy veggie dog snacks that are a tasty alternative to rawhide, keep your dog’s teeth in tip-top condition and are grain and gluten free - look no further than our new range.

Peanut Butter Reward Coins

Our reward coins are made with a 100% peanut butter core, surrounded by health boosting sweet potato. A flavour that your dog will find irresistible.

Training can be hard work, and without a tempting treat – next to impossible! Therefore, we worked with renowned dog trainer, Kamal Fernandez in creating the perfect mouth-watering morsel that will keep your dog focused and eager to please!

 As a professional dog trainer, I am always looking for ways to make life easier for my clients and myself. Reward Coins are a great product, easy to use, & perfect for training. Definitely currency your dog will LOVE. – Kamal Fernandez

Cheese & Tomato Straws

Full of flavour, our new vegetarian cheese and tomato straws are a great alternative to rawhide chews. Not only are they yummy, they’re also Gluten, Grain and Sugar Free – ensuring a healthy and digestible snack for your beloved pooch. We love our all-natural ingredients, so here’s a bit more information on what our straws can offer your dog:

  • Cheese - This tempting ingredient is a dog’s favourite!
  • Tomatoes are packed full of antioxidants such as vitamin A, which is great for your dog’s vision. They also contain lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease and promotes strong bones.

Flavoured Pigs Ears

We also now stock delicious Pig Ears that are available in two fun flavours, Natural Smoked and Peanut Butter. These tempting treats make a great snack to keep your dog occupied whilst also keeping their teeth clean!

Grain and gluten free these pigs’ ears are also low in fat, so there’s no need to feel guilty about treating your dog a vegetarian dog snack.  

These new healthy veggie snacks are a great additional sale to anyone that’s purchasing something from your store, everyone enjoys treating their dog to a tasty snack on a shopping trip, so give one of our new vegetarian treats and snacks a go!

For more information on our new range of Vegetarian Dog Snacks, feel free to visit our New Product Releases Page on our website and Sign-up for prices or give us a call on 01273 434 145 to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.

Brand new journey…

Brand new journey…

Nowadays the word brand is thrown around all over social media, the internet and in day to day conversations when referring to little or large companies. Having a successful, recognised brand has become the holy grail at the end of everyone’s marketing adventure. There seems to be a rise in customers that are looking for individuality, attention to detail and an understanding of the level of importance that is placed upon the products you stock and the awareness of the brand behind them.

Ourselves as a company aim to do things just a little differently, to do all of the tasks involved that make the end product, with passion and because we love what we do, not because we have to do it. We truly believe that this isn’t a profession that you can be a part of successfully without a genuine love for the dog at the end of the order. We have a deep-rooted desire to be able to provide awesome customer service to our valued customers, to not just be another large manufacturing company that doesn’t have the customer at heart but to be a company that our customers trust, love the ethos of and want to be an active part of ourselves as an expanding brand.

We recognise that the Name Miro & Makauri is expanding and becoming mentioned more and more on Facebook groups and Instagram threads, but for us, just because there is expansion growing that doesn’t mean that we want the level of personal service that yourselves as our customers have come to expect, to change. You can rest assured you will still speak to the same person your’e used to speaking to, the person that knows your shop, your favourite products and your customer base. You will still get the same turnaround on orders ( if not quicker than you have previously been used too) and we can as always guarantee the same level of detail and quality on our products.

What is changing is the level of marketing we are now able to do, an increase of presence across our social media platforms, more interactions from the end customer and more regular contact from ourselves to your stores. Things are Changing for the positive here at Miro and Makauri as we continue to expand and develop new product ranges, work with a bigger variety of the very best professionals across their chosen fields and in essence begin the long and highly reinforcing journey of establishing ourselves as the brand we wish to be known for across the pet industry.

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