The Dog Hotel, Torquay - Carabina Nylon Leads

 As a dog boarder I recently discovered the above type of lead when of my four-legged guests turned up with one of them.

Everyone should be using one of these, and certainly us the professionals, especially when taking out a new potential guest who does not know us very well. Safety is a must.

I am surprised your online description on Amazon doesn't make a great deal out of its amazing safety device. It is a most valuable USP and I will keep recommending your model.

I made the mistake of not researching the lead when I had the dog for a holiday. Then, as I didn't know how to source it and couldn't get hold of my client, especially as I was not sure of the key words for a google search (the word 'safety' didn't take me to your products), I tried Pets at Home. They ordered a Zee Dog lead for me, same idea and waiting for patent but horrible to use (day after day, four times a day...!) , poor imitation, and unreliable sliding device because of where it is located in the metal buckle, so it was returned straight away. In fact the basic Pets at Home leads seem to open up at any time with dogs suddenly running free along main roads - they have some seriously worrying reviews. These leads don't do the job.  

Yours is definitely the best... but you are very quiet about it!! 

Kamal Fernandez - World Renowned Professional Dog Trainer with over 25 years experience

Since owning dogs, I have spent literally thousands of pounds on dog beds... and become some what of a bed connoisseur!
Well when I first saw the Miro & Makauri waterproof nest dog bed, I thought I had finally found the holy grail of canine comfort!
My dogs LOVE to snuggle and feel the comfort of being almost engulfed by the bed itself, but when you have extremely active dogs combined with the British weather, a soggy bed is a no no!
The Miro and Makauri waterproof nest, means they are both comfortable and practical! Easily cleaned, and maintained, the beds keep looking as good as new.... even when you have 9 dogs all vying to use it!! It certainly is a household favourite for us!!
Thanks for this great product! Highly recommend!!

Scrufts K9 is a company which specializes in dogs,and having been in business for over 25 years we look for supply companies which are able to understand the needs of the small independent ,and support them in various ways. Makauri which we have dealt with for a number of years have proved themselves many times over. They continue to introduce new ranges of leads and collars which are a little different to others, new colours, designs etc. Super quality, very quick service, very often overnight if required. always supplied at a price which we can make a realistic profit on.

Isle of Pets – Ely
We've worked with Miro & Makauri, and our account manager Chad, for a number of years. They offer a wide range of well priced, quality products which is constantly expanding with new and innovative additions. Chad schedules visits on a regular basis and always has something new to show us keeping our product offering fresh and different to our local competitors. I'd happily recommend working with Miro & Makauri.

Brunos Diner Crawley
Super impressed by the Vegetarian dog snacks, they have a great meaty smell about them, ironically, that fills the entire room. The dogs that visit us are searching the counter for your Veggie dog snacks when they come in,Loose in the box and available to buy at whatever multiples the customer chooses. so they’re flying out the shop doors. Brilliant product.

Griggs Country Store Est 1970
The leads and collars are flying out the door.
Absolute winner here.

Kernow Pet Supplies (on Social Media)
Loving these new Miro & Makauri Waterproof Dog Beds! 
Really firm, sturdy and easy to clean.
Think we will be making room at home for one of these ourselves!  🙃

Angela (Bubbles Pet Care)
“The step in mesh are the best harness’s we’ve stocked and we’ve tried all of the brands”

Billa (All Pets Vet Care)
The Veggie Dog snacks are flying off the shelves, they are perfect for the ethos that we like to promote to our clients on feeding their dogs, because the ingredient list is natural, they are perfect for so many dogs, even the ones with normal common allergens. It’s so rare to find a product that is so healthy and low in fat. We can’t wait to see how the range grows so we can include the new lines in our practice for all to enjoy.

Elliot (Pet Co) vegetarian dog snacks
We have quite a few of the vegetarian dog snacks range in our shop and they are proving to be incredibly popular. We’ve had similar products in plastic packaging in the past that haven’t sold well, but these are loose in the box and available to buy at whatever multiples the customer chooses, . We have a similar type of snack in from another popular brand and the Miro and Makauri vegetarian dog snacks are selling at the same speed and frequency. We love the vegetarian snack range.

Sue (Kent Pet Foods)
Since the introduction of the veggie dog snacks by Miro and Makauri into our range in store, we have noticed that they are selling out faster than other brands with similar product lines. Customers are so delighted with not only the ingredient list but their dogs reactions to them, they are moving their purchasing loyalty over to them, meaning a great repeat business on them for us.

Tina (That pet Shop)
All the range of vegetarian dog snacks have gone really fast for us in store, we’ve tried most of the range so far and a lot of our customers are swapping over to them because they are so healthy for the dogs and the dogs love them. We recently got in the peanut butter crocodiles and I’ve tried them out on our dogs and they have gone down a treat, keeping them busy while I get on with cooking dinner in the evening. We can’t wait to see the rest of the new lines coming out within the range.

Maria- Leos pet store.
Thank you for the samples that you sent over for us to try in store. I was persuaded by my own dog to allow them to try all three and he loved them. Being that he is a greyhound, he can sometime struggle with similar chews from other companies as they are a little too hard for him, but yours were the perfect combination of being a long-lasting chew without the frustration element for him while chewing them. We will definitely be ordering the range for the shop.

The end users comments

Carabina Leads
I have been using your dog lead with Carabina fastener for a few weeks now....just wanted to say what a fantastic lead this is !! ..really secure and comfortable to hold.
Keep the innovation going
Best Wishes

Premium Fleece Harness
Just got this harness for my sprocker who pulls like a train. First walk out today and what a difference - walking to heel for the first time ever! Had to google a picture for the correct fitting as not used to a harness with a D ring so far back but it obviously does the job! Have now recommended it on my Sprocker FB page as I'm so impressed.

Hi guys
I've used your stuff for my dogs for a couple of years now and absolutely love it, so much so, I travel to Anglesey from Cheshire to get it!I love your company and your ethical stance and I have a lot of friends and clients who like the same things as me. Quite a few people ask where Spud gets his collars from and I say 'well…' and explain how far I have to go to get them. 
No offense to  Pets at Home, but their collars fall apart within 6 months and round us, there aren't many places to get a decent collar and lead!

For the last 3 years we've been searching for treats that don't give our Cavalier King Charles an upset stomach, and recently we came across your products at a dog store in Trentham..we tried them and they're fantastic! So much so that today we travelled from our home in Walsall back to Trentham to buy a bulk volume of treats!

 As such we wondered if you could advise us of local retailers that sell your veggie doggie treats,