About us

Miro & Makauri are a wholesale pet supplies company of Dog Accessories, including Dog Collars, leads, harnesses & Toys and are the distributor for Maks Patch Natural Vegan Dog Treats.

Our product range is both modern and classic. We have products with new functional designs and technologies, bold colours and unique sales points, which sit nicely with ranges that remain classic and unchanged.  We have a strong design team, we set out to create a range that offers new and exciting ideas about design. With a high regard for quality, we maintain a price which is very affordable for the end user.

Miro & Makauri supply wholesale pet products directly to independent pet retailers throughout the UK, including Pet Stores, Dog Groomers,. Garden Centres, Country Stores, Online Retailers, Subscriptions boxes and many other Dog Related Businesses.

We pride ourselves on working closely with you, ensuring a high level of service and reliability, ensuring the highest return possible for our customers. 

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking company, geared entirely towards meeting the needs of our customers. Exciting design and product development is at the heart of what we do. Our vision is to continue to create, new, exciting, products that pet owners love using.

Why the name Miro & Makauri? We get asked a lot, what does the name, Miro & Makauri actually mean?......So we’ll tell you. Miro & Mak are Border Terriers, owned by Scott & Chad, who are brothers and the managing directors of Miro & Makauri. Chad's Border Terrier is Miro and Scott's Border is Mak, as shown on the home page photo.

As Brothers themselves, Miro & Mak arrived back in 2009, when the company was just starting its journey. The Kauri part is named after the majestic native tree from New Zealand, where the directors were brought up. Miro & Mak, signified the new journey ahead, while Kauri commemorates a link to the past.