Health Benefits of MaksPatch Veggie Dog Treats


All of our ingredients are Vegan with each ingredient having its own specific health benefit. Light on Protein, Sugar & Fat and being Hypo-Allergenic, we have created a delicious range of vegan dog treats for in-between meals that is healthy & beneficial for dogs .

Gluten & Grain Free
Gluten & Grain Free.

Gluten is a protein that helps bind food together. Gluten free applies specifically to three grains; wheat, barley and rye.
Because MaksPatch Dog Treats are Grain Free we are also Gluten Free.
Intolerance to gluten and grains is rare in dogs. However, if they do suffer, they will find it hard to absorb nutrients in their small intestine, leading to various health issues.

Low in Fat
Less than 10% fat is considered a low fat diet for a dog. MaksPatch Dog Treats have no more than 2.5% Fat. Perfect for avoiding weight gain or fat-related conditions like pancreatitis.

Light in Protein

To much protein can be bad for dogs, leading to kidney disease & weight gain. Dogs are usually getting enough protein in their daily meals, MaksPatch being light in protein makes them suitable for dogs with ongoing kidney issues and weight gain

No Added Sugar
All of our treats have no added sugar. Added sugar is a certain recipe for weight gain, tooth decay and the onset of diabetes, among other health issues and best avoided.


A Hypoallergenic dog treat is a recipe formulated without common allergens to dogs such as wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and soya.
Because MaksPatch treats are made from Natural ingredients their isn’t anything unnatural to irritate your dog. 

Reduce Plaque

Pet dental chews and treats should be considered an additional tool when it comes to caring for your pet's oral health.
Not all of our treats help in reducing plaque , but you will notice a range of chews that have ridges and bumps, that when chewed, get into the gum line and help reduce some plaque and tartar build up.
Our Croc bites for example are specially formulated with ingredients like green tea extract & fennel, while also having bumps and ridges to get in-between your dog’s teeth and massage the gum line to increase blood flow, keeping their mouth healthy.  

Eco Friendly
Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
MaksPatch Veggie Dog Treats are founded on the proposition that our treats be healthy & beneficial as well as having a light environmental impact in a diminishing sustainable world. For every snack that has been meat-free and not come in plastic packaging we have succeeded in achieving a positive environmental footprint. With over 17,000,000 MaksPatch snacks consumed since 2017, we have successfully achieved a sustainable, eco friendly, meat free alternative to meat based dog snacks.
Our packaging in recyclable, cardboard, retail box's has helped reduce, plastic packaging and waste. 
Our thinking is if we're feeding our beloved pooches', healthy treats, without impacting the environment, then that makes us happy.