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Must Have Vegan Dog Products

Being an Eco-friendly pet owner is one of the coolest things you can do! Not only are you making a very impressive statement you’re also going the extra mile to help the planet that little bit more.

So here at Miro & Makauri we thought we’d share some of our favourite environmentally friendly products with you so you can treat your pooch without any guilt.

Snacks and Treats

We all know the way to a dog’s heart is through food… but it doesn’t have to be a poorly made product made of meat by-products and ‘cereals’ – which in turn can be bad for your pooch’s stomach and we all know how too much meat can have a huge impact on the planet.

Why not try the following snacks, that are Gluten, Grain and Sugar free. Ensuring a happy hound and an even happier planet:

Vegan Knotted Bones

Vegan Knotted Bones are great low-fat dog chews that are crammed with yummy goodness. Baked with natural ingredients & health boosting natural additives we’ve created a delicious range of knotted bones, that your dog simply can’t resist.

Peanut Butter Treats

Our peanut butter dog treats are made with a 100% peanut butter core, surrounded by health boosting sweet potato. A flavour that your dog will find irresistible. High in fibre and low in fat with powerful antioxidants that promote your dogs vision, growth and muscle strength.

All-natural vegetable antlers


Vegetarian flavoured pig ears



Collar and Leads

We are really proud of our eco-friendly faux vegan leather Tasman Collection of collars and leads.

Not only do they look and feel like suede the colours available are also varied and smart. So you’re able to show off your pooch in style whilst doing your little bit towards reducing your impact on the planet.

Jute Rope Crinkle Bottle Toy

After observing how some dogs love to chew on empty water bottles we created a special toy. Our toy encases the bottle with rope which is natural, and maintains the attractive crackling and crunching sound that dogs so love. The covering eliminates the sharp, dangerous edges by which have been known to cut dogs mouths.  The toy is made of natural Jute, an environmental friendly fibre which is very durable.

It also gives those plastic bottles a new lease of life before they’re chucked into the recycling! What a fab idea!

All these products are available from Miro and Makauri. If you’re a small, independent pet business looking at widening your eco-friendly range look no further. For prices simply register online here.


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    Office Makauri